RTCz / RTC EE evolutions version-by-version

Following the citation "One does not really know a science until one knows its history", I've decided to provide such information for my area of interest: RTC Enterprise Extensions. The story started in 2009 and I felt like providing such a recap could help both customers (and potentially business partners/colleagues from the field) when questioning... Continue Reading →


CLM,RTC,RQM,RRC/RDNG: recommendations and “educated guesses” for limitations

As part of the Jumpstart team, I help our customers in their CLM adoption and deployments. Customers raise questions on the sizing of their CLM environment, the topologies to adopt, etc. The questions I hear most often are: "How many users (total or concurrent) can my CLM environment support ?" "RTC rollout at our company... Continue Reading →

Jazz/CLM ETLs performances: a view on release-to-release comparisons

Recently, I've had a deeper look at ETLs performances. This topic is sensible to our customer as full ETL load could last up to several days ! Based on work-items tracking activity and interactions with our development, support team and performance teams, I came up with a personal summary. I found it interesting to be... Continue Reading →

CLM Reporting: a landing page for RRDI or Insight

As part of Jumpstart team, I found myself answering customer questions about the reporting capabilities in CLM. As a result of this, last year, I've consolidated and shared information/guidance on the subject through a MindMap (see blog post: "Get things clear about the CLM 2012 reporting capabilities"). Some of our customers provided me with great feedback... Continue Reading →

(Tip for Jazz Administration) : Hide port numbers from the public server URI

This article provides tips for administrators looking for hiding port numbers from the public server URL when configuring the Jazz server initially. It covers both Tomcat and WebSphere server configurations. Hide port numbers from the public server URI For eased user access or for later administration purpose, you may want CLM2011 applications to answer with... Continue Reading →

(Tip for Jazz Administration) How to Jazz monitor your CLM 2011…

Sharing with you this interesting note I got from Eric Jodet, who is a member of the IBM Jazz Development - L3 Maintenance team. If you want to monitor your CLM 2011, you could start by : Checking the log feeds URL : http(s)://<server:port>/<app>/service/com.ibm.team.repository.common.internal.IFeedService?category=SystemLog Example of URLs: https://jts.mycompany.net:9443/jts/service/com.ibm.team.repository.common.internal.IFeedService?category=SystemLog https://ccm.mycompany.net:9443/ccm/service/com.ibm.team.repository.common.internal.IFeedService?category=SystemLog https://qm.mycompany.net:9443/qm/service/com.ibm.team.repository.common.internal.IFeedService?category=SystemLog Checking the server diagnostics URL : http(s):<server:port>/<app>/admin#action=com.ibm.team.repository.admin.serverDiagnostics... Continue Reading →

Get things clear about the CLM 2012 reporting capabilities

(Last update - for CLM 2012 - on May 1st 2013) Customers regularly asks me the following questions regarding the reporting capabilities in CLM 2012/2011: "Shall we use Insight which has more capabilities than RRDI ?" "Better if we use RRDG or... RPE ?" "RRDG stands for...  what exactly ?" After discussing a few minutes... Continue Reading →

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