My name is Stéphane Leroy.  After a PhD in robotics, I joined a french company named ATTOL Testware as a software developer and tech lead for its System Testing product.

In 2001, Rational acquired ATTOL Testware (now Rational Test Realtime). A few months later, I jumped into the Eclipse plugins development world and developed testing tools for Java and J2EE.  In 2006, I moved to the Rational Service Tester (functional testing of Web Services) development team. In 2008, I’ve started focusing on customer situations as a L3 Support engineer for Rational Performance Tester Extensions (SOA, SAP, Citrix and Sockets).

In May 2011, I joined the Jazz JumpStart team which focused at enabling our Jazz customers and at getting them quickly up and running with Jazz solutions.

In Sept 2013, I joined the Rational Emerging Technologies team, a core group of world wide specialists engaged with early adopters of our emerging products & solutions.
My focuses include: Rational Team Concert (RTC), RTC Enterprise Extension (for system Z), Collaborative Lifecycle Management (CLM), Quality management (Rational Quality Manager), OSLC, CLM Reporting, Enterprise Deployment, CLM administration and Mobile.

From March to October 2015, I worked in a consultancy role at DROPS/ARCAD Software.

You could also read me on Twitter:  https://twitter.com/sleroyz

I’m located in Toulouse, France.

Want to reach out to me ?


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