Direct access to Redbooks/redpapers on mainframe and z/OS: improve your learning curve!

When digging further (or simply jumping) into Mainframe and z/OS world, one faces new terminology, concepts and tooling. Literature is pretty vast in the area and one could spend some time figuring out the right resource to consider…

As far as terminology is concerned, if you just need to understand a term, the “Glossary of z/OS terms and abbreviations” is certainly indicated. For a mainframe concept, you can check this InfoCenter entry  and for a z/OS concept, this other Info Center entry

If you need a broader understanding (e.g. how the pieces articulate with each others, etc.) then the Redbooks/Redpapers targeting Mainframe and z/OS are good starting points.

In my personal experience during the last couple of months, I found the following content very useful. In the following tables,  you’ll be one click away from the right material (in PDF format). While I’ve never taken time to read all of this content (at least not yet), I’ve referred to it in an “on demand” way, with a pre-established topic in mind for which I was interested by getting a clearer idea on.

Adding that “a picture is worth a thousand words“, so they say, I personally found the summary slides and architectural diagrams (generally located at the beginning of sections) particularly handy and enlightening. Enjoy !

[Redbooks] “ABCs of z/OS Systems Programming”

Vol. 1 Intro to z/OS and Storage concepts, TSO/E, ISPF, JCL
Vol. 2 z/OS Implementation and Maintenance 
Vol. 3 Intro to DFSMS and Storage Management
Vol. 4 Communication Server, TCP/IP, and VTAM
Vol. 5 Base and Parallel Sysplex, Logger, GRS, Operations, ARM 
Vol. 6 RACF, PKI, LDAP, Crypto, Kerberos and Firewall
Vol. 7 InfoPrint Server, LE, and SMP/E 
Vol. 8 z/OS Problem Diagnosis
Vol. 9 z/OS, UNIX System Services 
Vol. 10 Intro to Z, LPAR, and HCD 
Vol. 11 Capacity planning, performance management, RMF, and SMF
Vol. 12 WLM
Vol. 13 JES3 

Other Redbooks:

Batch Modernization on z/OS (July 2012)
Introduction to the New Mainframe: z/OS Basics (March 2011)
System z Mean Time to Recovery Best Practices  (Sept 2010)
System z End-to-End Extended Distance Guide (Nov 2013)


Rethink Your Mainframe Applications: Reasons and Approaches for Extension, Transformation, and Growth (May 2013)

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