(Tip for Jazz Administration) How to Jazz monitor your CLM 2011…

Sharing with you this interesting note I got from Eric Jodet, who is a member of the IBM Jazz Development – L3 Maintenance team.

If you want to monitor your CLM 2011, you could start by :

Checking the log feeds URL :


Example of URLs:

Checking the server diagnostics URL :


Example of URLs:

From the above, you’d normally have checked for common configuration errors or failures

If your server still appears to be slow, you could :

  1. Check your environment vs. :
  2. Investigate even further (thanks to Philippe Muletas this part was mostly borrowed from him) by :
    • logging to your CLM application Admin Web UI and check the Statistics.
      It’s available at URL : http(s):<server:port>/<app>/admin#action=com.ibm.team.repository.admin.statistics
      Example of URL : https://jts.mycompany.net:9443/jts/admin#action=com.ibm.team.repository.admin.statistics
      Find out if any request has been running for an unexpectedly long time.
      Note: you could get even more detailed information with URL:  http(s):<server:port>/<app>/service/com.ibm.team.repository.service.internal.counters.ICounterContentService (already mentioned in version 2.x-related article : Tuning the Rational Team Concert 2.0 server ).
    • checking server heap utilization. Note that the server caches heavily and will utilize as much heap as possible, by design. So there could be an issue only if it’s near zero on multiple and consecutive refreshes.

If your CLM solution is deployed on IBM Websphere Application Server, you could also monitor your CLM applications with IBM Tivoli ITCAM which lets you :

  • Monitor application response to ensure business expectations are met
  • Understand transaction flows over complex topologies
  • Monitor infrastructure performance and availability
  • Diagnose application performance issues
  • Increase application availability and customer satisfaction
  • Improve MTTR and MTBF.

I hope it will help…

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  1. This is great information. The URLs for all of the reports are important pieces of information for Jazz Administrators to be aware of.

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