Get things clear about the CLM 2012 reporting capabilities

(Last update – for CLM 2012 – on May 1st 2013)

Customers regularly asks me the following questions regarding the reporting capabilities in CLM 2012/2011:

  • “Shall we use Insight which has more capabilities than RRDI ?”
  • “Better if we use RRDG or… RPE ?”
  • “RRDG stands for…  what exactly ?”

After discussing a few minutes the details, we generally… touch base and go back to more common questions :

  • “What kind of reports your company would like to generate ?”
  • “What’s the difference between all these products ?”
  • “Do you know what’s is Development Intelligence ?”
  • “Do you want me to explain you the basics around the reporting architecture in CLM 2012/2011?”
  • etc…

As a result of this, I’ve summarized the reporting capabilities in CLM 2012/2011 (with convenient links on sample templates, etc.). You just need to CLICK here (or on the following map image) (note: be patient, it could take up to 10s to load this page… all depending on your network)clm2012reporting

After consulting it, I hope you could:

  • Have a clear idea of where each product stands in the reporting area.
  • Share with colleagues about reporting with more confidence.
  • Speak about the “double bubble chart”.
  • Find quickly the piece of information you were looking for

If helpful, feel free to Report that to me  !

6 thoughts on “Get things clear about the CLM 2012 reporting capabilities

Add yours

  1. Stephane,
    Thank you. My goal is to prepare a presentation of which CLM Reporting options to a select group in our organization and then choose which direction to take. We are upgrading from 2.x to 3.x. This will be great place to start.
    Thank you again,
    Sincerely, Cj

    1. Thanks for your feedback Cj !
      For your information, I’ve updated the map with :
      – additional links on RPE info center and forum
      – links to the work-in-progress (next release) for the Reporting : e.g. data dictionnaries for CLM apps (CCM, QM, RM).
      Regards, Stéphane

  2. Hi, It was nice document links. But when I see for reporting from IBM for RTC 5.0.2 is not available. Do we have any separate links showing how RTC 5.0.2 is working with JRS

    1. Hi Kasi, while such update would be interesting, I personally have no plans to provide it. I’d suggest you reach out to IBM or (in the forum/articles or the “what’s new” product information, etc.). Stéphane

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