Using the CLM templates…

Once you have completed the “Money That Matters” tutorial on your CLM Beta 3 install, you certainly feel like Bob, Deb, Marco, Rebecca and Tanuj are familiar to you.

Having a step back, would you wonder : “How would I create my own Lifecycle Application Project – let’s say- from scratch ?

Getting Started section of the documentation is here to guide you.

Let’s focus on RQM for a while. Its basic workflow still in mind :

would its enterprise version (you just saw if you clicked the above image) makes you wonder how adhoc process should be implemented by your team ?

Actually, RQM provides templates which you can take benefit from : for Test Plans, Test Cases, Test Suites. You can also create your own ones or customize them!

And back to CLM :  you have templates for Lifecycle Projects (also with customization capability)

Tip of Day : for CLM Beta 3 release installed on Windows machines, make sure you DON’T install the Build System Toolkit at a location including SPACE CHARACTERS (like C:\Program Files). It doesn’t support it (compilation errors are raised).

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